Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi
Aerospace GMT Pepsi

Aerospace GMT Pepsi


Regular price £1,190 (Reduced)


Year: 1970s

Model: 752-934B

Serial: -

Calibre: 75

Case Width (excl. crown): 35mm

Lug Width: 17mm

Scope: Watch, Secondary Authenticity Certificate


Case: General wear without significant dings of deep scratches. The case appears unpolished with sharp edges on the distinctive style lugs. The bezel has a pepsi design with a beautiful ghosting effect that is particularly visible on the red. There are no cracks or damage to the bezel

Dial: Clear silver dial without any blemishes or marks. The writing is clearly printed without any fading and the hour markers are all in perfect condition

Hands: Four hands are all in good condition. The lume colouring matches suggesting that all hands are original to the watch. The distinctive design of the bright red GMT and square lollipop second hands are one of the most attractive aspects of this watch

Bracelet / Strap: New leather strap, alternative materials and colours available on request

Movement: Automatic movement in good condition and clean of any dirt


Zodiac watches have been in production since 1882 and vintage pieces hold weight amongst collectors today, with examples steadily rising in value over the past decade. This is an example of an Aerospace GMT from 1968, ref 752-934B. This model has a bakelite bezel that came in a range of colour combinations, the most coveted being the pepsi bezel as shown in this example. The bezel has a 'ghost' effect tht has naturally occurred with age to give the watch a stunning and unique look.

The piece is in fantastic condition and appears to be unpolished. The dial and hands are in excellent condition and the movement is working well. Please enquire for more details.